Automated Forex Trading System

Enclosed you will find a simple highly profitable free automated Forex trading system that savvy traders have used for several decades, to make big gains with and you can too...

You can of course buy one of the numerous junk robots which come with paper back tests, they have never made any real long term gains and the simulated made up track records never repeat - this one is the real deal and made money so lets look at it.

Its simplicity itself and only has one rule which is outlined below. When prices hit a new 4 week high, buy and go long. Hold the position, until a new 4 week low is made take out the long and reverse short. Keep buying and selling new 4 week highs and lows and always have an open position.

This rule is objective, simple and all you do is follow it and while it may seem too simple to work the logic it's based on is sound.

Take a look at any Forex chart and you will see long term trends that go on for many weeks or months and you will also notice that most of these trends start and continue from breaks to new highs or lows.

In essence the above is a simple, robust breakout system which will give you a good chunk of the big trends and of course big profits.

When markets don't trend, it will of course lose for periods of time and you can ride them out or, you can put a filter in and have a closer stop - i.e. exit on a 1 or 2 week high or low, then wait for the next 4 week signal to re-enter. Either way, it will work long term but the filter will smooth the equity curve.

This system was devised by Richard Donchian who is considered one of the true trading greats, it's has been used by many traders over the years and it will always work long term, because Forex markets always trend.

Most traders won't use it though and the reasons are:

1.It doesn't have hyped copy or an aggressive name that indicates easy profits

2.It doesn't try and pick tops or bottoms and predict and while this is impossible, most traders like to try!

3. It's not based on any complex algorithm and despite the fact that Forex is simple and simple systems work best, traders like complexity.

4. It holds long term trends and most traders have problems doing this, despite the fact it's the way to make money.

This system works though and for the trader who isn't looking to beat the market and wants to make solid gains, in around 30 minutes a day its ideal.

So take a look at the 4 Week Rule, its left to us by a true trading great and its free, so you have everything to gain and nothing to lose, by looking at this great automated Forex Trading system which has made great gains and will continue to do so.

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