Shopping With Standard Chartered Credit Cards

There are many banks which provide good and attractive credit cards to people. The Standard Chartered credit cards have got unique features which really cater to the needs of their users. One can save much on his monthly budget.

The habit of carrying cash and going out for shopping is soon going to disappear. It has been predicted by many financial experts all around the globe. Today, most of the people in various developed and developing countries like to do shopping with the help of credit cards.

There are multiple benefits related to the usage of credit cards. In India also there are many credit card users. In the very beginning when these cards were completely new in the Indian financial market almost everybody were sceptic about their usage. However, the contemporary scenario turned out to be really surprising as these days the number of credit card users are quite surprisingly very high.

Modern people have become very intelligent as they know which credit cards they need to choose. Now many of them keep multiple cards of various banks and whenever they come across an attractive offer in malls or shopping outlet they prefer to use those particular cards which can offer them maximum profits. The Standard Chartered credit cards are very much popular when it comes to giving maximum profits to their card users.

Various types of credit cards are offered by Standard Chartered Bank and each of these cards come with their own respective features. If one uses these credit cards in various shopping outlets then he or she can also win reward points. Later on, these reward points help him in getting cash back or availing discounts on shopping of various items.

The Standard Chartered credit cards also offer great discounts while booking railway and air tickets. So, now you can save much of your expenses whenever you plan to travel. If you are going for a vacation with your whole family then the usage of these cards would let you have attractive discounts on air or train tickets.

If the weekends are approaching then with these cards you can book PVR tickets for your whole family. It is sure that you would get free PVR tickets according to various offers. No need of standing in a long queue for getting the tickets of your favourite movies. You can opt for internet booking which would let you book tickets in advance at a great discounts.

Most of the Standard Chartered credit cards have 50 days interest free credit period. Do not worry if your monthly salary gets delayed or if you run out of money in the end of the month. These cards have got good credit limits which you can use to meet all your day to day expenses. Every month you will get the credit card statement and then you can drop a cheque to pay off the monthly credit card bills. A few names of the Standard Chartered credit cards are : StanChart Manhattan Platinum Card, Standard Chartered Platinum Card, Standard Chartered Emirate Platinum Card etc.

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