The Best and Secured Way to Save Money

Though the economic position of all the countries is going on up and downs all over the world, the banking system in India is so strong till now. As the encroachment of the credit crunch and raising speculation are the main reasons of the present day financial crisis, people get fear to invest their money in share market.

The businessmen in India have positive feeling regarding their financial position. As the economic position of India is mostly based on the government organisations, the speculation and financial criss have not shown much effect on Indian economy. If you study the present economic position of India, you can come to a conclusion that investing in a stock market or mutual funds will make you to face many problems. A lot of insecurity and confusions are faced by the investors, who want to invest in their money in public or private sectors. In these situations, they are searching for the best alternatives to save or invest their money.

Many of the economists in India say that going for fixed deposit is the right solution, when it compared to all the other sources where you can invest your money. This is the best source to rescue from the present liquidity crisis.

The fixed deposit is nothing but an account that allows the people to deposit their money for a period of some time. Depending on their convenience, people can choose the deposit period that say for a minimum period of 15 days to 5 years and more than that. When the deposit period comes to an end, the depositors will get high amount of interest on their deposited money. Depositing money in Indian banks is safer than other sources as the all the banks in India are under the control of Reserve Bank of India.

The main advantage of going for these deposits is that the depositors get high interest rates than the saving bank account holders. They will get lump-sum of money at a time, after the completion of maturity period of the deposit. Moreover, people do not get any insecure feeling on their deposits. The fixed deposits have been playing a prominent role, since the banking system has been introduced in the Indian economy market. They are one of the beneficial saving methods. Some years ago, people showed great interest for going long term deposits. But, now-a-days, due to the drastic changes that are occurred in the economic position of India, most of the investors want to go for short term fixed deposits.

The interest rates of the fixed deposits vary from one bank to another bank. To extend their services as well as to attract all segments of the investors, most of the banks in India offer many facilities to their customers, who want to deposit money in their banks. One of the main facilities is that the over draft facility which allows the depositors to draw money on the deposited amount, before the completion of the maturity period of deposit. On the request of depositors, some of the banks can transfer the interest amount on fixed money to the current or saving account of the depositor.

The minimum fixed amount can range from RS. 100 to an unlimited amount. If any one wants to open a fixed deposit account in a bank, he should inquire about the interest rates of all the banks. Some of the websites over the Internet help you to find the best bank that offers high amount of interest rates on depositing money.

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