The Role of a Corporation in Community Development

Corporations play an active role in the development not only of communities but also of civic groups and organizations. Without corporate support, some of America’s most popular civic organizations wouldn’t have flourished. Companies that are not involved with the enrichment of the civic organizations surrounding them are not back enough support to the people that have been its lifeblood. Here are some of the most common ways a corporation can help out the local communities surrounding them.

A corporation can help out with community development and enrichment by financially supporting various seminars and activities that help touch and enrich the lives of each and every member within the organization. A classic example for this is the UPrinting.com U-Community Program. This program aims to help communities grow and aid in the raising awareness for the cause that they are fighting for. In the online printer’s website, visitors would be able to see testimonials from various organizations that have been touched by the company including the American Cancer Society and Building With Books Foundation.

Companies should always be in the lookout for new awareness campaigns and organizations that are in need of real support. This shows that the company is not only supporting civic groups actively but proactively as well.

Raising awareness should also be touched upon by corporations if they ever support a civic group. Getting people involved in a specific cause is a great way of boosting morale for the group but also helps in gaining more manpower and support. Programs such as the U-Printing U-Community Program helps raise awareness for civic awareness by giving discounts for the printing of their various distribution materials such as posters, flyers, brochures, banners and postcards. These materials are crucial in the group’s objective of raising awareness and gaining more donors as well as getting more exposure for their activities.

This just goes to show that communities need the support of a corporation and big companies need community support as well. (Earl Maghirang)

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