About Forex signals

Forex signal is an exact indication of the price of buy/sell on currency pair and the recommendation on opening of an order - Stop-Loss and Take-Profit in the Forex market. Usually signals of trading systems are sent in real time.

There are two kinds of Forex signals:

  1. The signals given by trader’s trading system on enter/exit. That signals are only for internal use.
  2. The signals given by skilled Forex traders to all interested people. In such signals it is precisely shown, what the addressee of the signal should do at the moment.

We’ll have more detailed talk about the second type of Forex signals. Nowadays there are a lot of people, who wish to earn in the Forex market, but the few of them have really working trading systems. In fact, a person needs a lot of time and a huge volume of specific knowledge for creating a Forex trading strategy. Therefore experienced traders sell their trading signals for people, who want to get profit at Forex market, but cannot spend a lot of time for developing the professional strategy. So, there is a number of services, which help traders to give and sell their signals for interested persons.

Let's see, what a trading signal looks like. Forex signals are usually sent by e-mail and sometimes by the means of SMS. At first you see the type of the signal, for example it can be «opening of a new position on a current market price» or «creation of the pending order». Then comes the signal’s ID, which helps to get more detailed information about that particular signal. The currency pair of the trade is shown too. After that the action (buy/sell) is usually displayed. Then you see the number of lots, the price of opening and closing the position, limit (take-profit) and stop-loss. Sometimes the trader can put some special details of the signal below its description. That gives full information about the signal’s parameters and possible results of its execution.

So, today a lot of people don’t want to waste time for creating their own trading strategy, but choose the Forex signals, given by stable and profitable Forex trading systems. (http://www.gfsignals.com/)

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