Bad Credit, Credit Cards With Guaranteed Approval, Where?

Bad credit, credit cards guaranteed approval where your credit history is not the main focus is available. You will though be turned away from the major banks and financial institutions. As there is a great demand for credit there will always be companies who will prosper. Firstly if you have a poor credit score expect to pay more for credit. Remember you are a greater risk to the company you are in effect borrowing from. Also the amount you will be able to borrow will at first be, in many cases restricted, for at least a while whilst you build up credit rating.

Bad credit, credit cards with guaranteed approval, where do you apply? Well online is by far the best method as most financial institutions advertise and accept applications online with some even giving instant approval depending on the type of card on offer. Many with poor credit scores prefer to apply online as they don’t have to deal with the frustration of being declined face to face.

Even if you have a very bad credit score there are still types of credit cards that are available to you with guaranteed approval. Prepaid credit cards offer you all the benefits are having a credit card without the exposure to running up more debt. For these types of credit cards you simply load funds onto the cards and then you can use your account balance just like a normal credit card.

So even though we are in perhaps the greatest credit crunch of many of our lifetimes there is always a way of securing more credit. Where there is a demand there is always someone ready to prosper! (Ben Xenoo)

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