What Do You Look For in a Real Estate Agent?

Once you have chosen Northern California as a possible investment area, you will need to begin your search for a Marin County, CA real estate agent. There are a few to sort through, so you will want to list your own specific preferences, by order of importance, so that you can make an informed decision about each professional that you talk to. Once you have chosen the professional who best meets all of your needs and who is a comfortable fit on a personal level, you will be ready to reap the rewards of his or her extensive knowledge. A buyers agent is what you’re looking for, especially if you are from out of town and can’t be around for the making of every decision or the viewing of every property.

Be sure to consult with your Marin County, CA real estate agent about the price points that fit most comfortably within your range of comfort. This price is not always reflected in the amount of your pre-approval letter, because only you know what your finances are. The bank, for instance, does not ask how much money you spend on hobbies, recreation, or eating out, so you might need to use your own formula to calculate what you can actually afford while maintaining the lifestyle that you enjoy.

Finances aside, your Marin County, CA real estate agent will need to know about the type of yard or property that best suits your needs. There are so many choices in the Marin area, from riverside to mountainside, residential tree-lined streets to rural farm land with sprawling estate homes, and all you have to do is say the word. The residential neighborhoods in San Anselmo, for instance, offer a great many architectural styles and sizes to the prospective buyer, while also boasting convenient busing routes and connections to the Golden Gate ferry boats.

All in all, your Marin County, CA real estate agent is your closest link and best ally when it comes to finding the perfect property at the ideal price at the right time. Signing on with one of the best will ensure that wherever you are, at whatever time of day, you will be informed of the newest developments, property listings, price reductions, and most importantly, the real properties that best suit your personal preferences, because that’s what really matters. (Peter Narodny)

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