Simple steps to travel insurance protection

STEP ONE. Ensure that you have learnt the basic terms found in travel insurance policies. Learning the difference between ‘single trip cover’ and ‘annual cover’, or ‘golf cover’ and ‘winter sports insurance’ will help you to base your decision on your own specific needs.

STEP TWO. Once you are familiar with the key terms, it’s time for you to consider your own requirements. Define what sort of traveller you are, consider where you’ll be travelling to, and any risks you might encounter. Be sure not to forget this step, as above all else it will ensure you get the best policy for you.

STEP THREE. It’s also important that you understand the more complex terms used in travel insurance. This way, when you’re faced with the full policy wording you won’t be caught out by any industry mumbo jumbo. Try having a look at some sample policies online, which most insurance companies now provide.

STEP FOUR. Ask around amongst your friends and family to see what works for them. Whilst it’s important to bear in mind that everyone has different needs from their travel insurance, this can still be a good way to kick start your own research.

STEP FIVE. Today, it feels as though no matter where you go you’re always confronted by advertising for price comparison companies. Although these adverts are usually pretty irritating, comparison sites can really be useful in allowing you to look at the features of many policies side by side. You shouldn’t lean too heavily on their advice; however do browse through their tables to get a bit of background knowledge.

STEP SIX. Never underestimate the importance of research. Whilst advice from friends, family and comparison sites can seem very helpful, it is ultimately down to you to get the top deal out there for your trip. Research may feel a bit arduous at the beginning, but you’ll be thankful of it should you need to make a claim on your policy after your holiday.

In the end, it’s really quite simple to sort out your travel insurance policy. To get the best deal possible you will have to put in a bit of time and effort, but at least then you relax, certain that your holiday is in safe hands. (Mathew Sabri)

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