Why credit cards are the best option for shopping online

In this age of technological advancement there is no doubt that an increasing number of consumers are opting for the Internet when it comes to shopping for a wide range of things, from entertainment and attraction tickets to groceries, holidays, clothes, and more. Many people that shop online use their credit cards to make payment for their purchases, and according to one industry official this is the best and safest option when it comes to online payments.

Many people are nervous about being ripped off in some way when they shop online, and despite the convenience, ease, and speed that online purchasing offers this can put many people off from buying items and services via the Internet. However, an official from the credit reference agency Equifax has recently said that credit cards offer security and increased peace of mind for those that are worried about making purchases online.

He said that credit cards are "certainly very good because you do have that ability under section 75 of the consumer credit act where if you have any problems with the goods the credit company is as liable as much as the merchant who sold it to you". He added that additional peace of mind came from the fact that, providing consumers had not been negligence with their credit card details, they would also be covered by the banking code.

The benefits of shopping via credit card have been highlighted in a number of cases recently. For example, when a low cost airline went bust late last year many people that had paid by debit card or cash were left in the dark with regards to whether they would ever get their money back. However, those that had used their credit cards to purchase their tickets were covered under the Consumer Credit Act, and were able to get a refund on the cost of their tickets.

Of course, the risk of credit card fraud also puts some people off from making purchases online and paying by card, but the key to minimising the risk of becoming a victim of this type of fraud is to ensure that you are careful with your credit card details, stick to secure websites, and check your statements regulalry for any sign of suspicious activity. By doing this consumers can enjoy the additional security that credit cards offer, as well as enjoying the ease and convenience that comes from shopping online. (Reno Charlton)

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